Gu Qingshan hung half motionless.

He gently pushed the sword blade immediately push the sword attached to the middle-aged man to fly out. -the land sword avatar holy land "The weight of this sword can be twice as heavy as that of the enemy it faces when it is attacked in the holy land (passive), and the weight can be

Su Baitong hugged Ru Xiaonan’s body tightly. "Xiaonan is injured, come quickly!"

Lingxiaotian smell speech was surprised and quickly came to the roof. "hidden weapons flew over and wounded the little girl, but I can’t see what it is …" Su Baitong urgent way. Lingxiao day first looked at the ground backwards two people and then with Su Baitong and Ru Xiaonan fast back to the corridor.

But as Babur said, Ganan Pure Land came to Jian Xiu? Still so powerful! And look at this towering shock wave, I don’t know if I’m in a trance, but I seem to have a feeling of deja vu?

As for Luo Yu, the three people are puzzled and anxious, and it’s less than a moment or two. Outside the boundary seal, a bloody mess ghosting came out in the snow! See far away, Luo Yu opened his eyes and exclaimed, "Elder Cihai!" Yes, the bearer is a benevolent sea traveler in the underworld!

The sky is chasing Sun Hao’s ghosting, and there are also huge red arrays, one layer after another, and they are chasing Sun Haoqiong.

Xia Qingyu Snow Mountain shouted, "Chen Xiang, be careful that this abyss beast can actually send an array to fight against it. This should be his talent. Don’t be hit by the array." Abyss behemoths and virtual behemoths also have levels of strength and weakness. Usually, behemoths need their own size and strength to be

"It’s really okay, but there were two people knocking at the door, and I didn’t know how to respond, so I pretended not to be like you," Natasha wrote to Surdak in her chair.

She always blushes when she speaks cautiously, and her blue eyes are very clear, probably because she is in good health. In recent months, her three meals have improved a lot, and some of her cheeks have become plump. She tightened her tight body and wore a sweater. She looked anxiously at the heavy snow

The next day, Ning Caichen, Bai Susu, Nie Xiaoqian and Snow White sat together at the dinner table. Ning Caichen looked in high spirits, and Bai Susu and Nie Xiaoqian’s pretty girl also looked particularly delicate and charming. The charm in her eyes had not faded overnight. Only Snow White kept pouting …

"Bad brother with mother and small qian elder sister don’t light snow last night also made so much harm that light snow can’t sleep well …" Snow White girl pouted and complained that the whisper was not loud, but let a few people hear clearly that both Bai Susu and Nie Xiaoqian were blushing. The

At the same time, there are also many people in the Umma clan who are showing their true bodies …

Whoosh! Before the manifestation of the ghost of the wild spirit of the Great Spirit Witch is completed, he has turned a black ghosting into the white body of Ling Clapping his hands and Longqiu like a wandering soul. Ah ~ a piercing scream rang out They saw that the painful roaring body hanging in

Refining Sumeru tower almost washed Sun Hao into a whiteboard, except for some urgent and immobile resources, which are very expensive.

Poor Sun Hao happened to be in married with children at this time. The little fire woke up and the little octopus joined in. Boy, the two little guys seem to be small in size, but they eat a lot. In particular, how many manatees does the small fire brake Shiman Trench eat? It is

It all happened in one night and half a day.

Especially when the joint fleet is close to the California coastline, people who are almost crazy can be heard from the sea. Shout the horn … A large number of noisy but exciting sounds rushed to the deck, and even blowing the hair of the old gentleman Lewis around the sea breeze could isolate these

Although I didn’t see Chiba’s figure, I didn’t even recognize the other side in the fireball, because at least there would be some signs of resistance

Whew! Chiba suddenly appeared in front of Jiaodu hundreds of meters away, just as he appeared and his latosolic red eyes were staring at Jiaodu. "Bad …" Jiaodu has dealt with Uchihiro clan more than most people in the field. He instantly understood the meaning of Chiba. There is an iron law in the early

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